Ironwood Resource Advisors Adds Stream Mitigation Bank to Serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Area

E303 is excited to partner with Ironwood Resource Advisors to announce the addition of Mustang Creek Mitigation Bank to its portfolio. Located 15 miles southwest of Fort Worth in Johnson County, Texas the proposed bank will generate over 15,000 TxRAM stream credits within the Fort Worth District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. With more than 33,000 linear feet of impaired perennial and intermittent streams, tributaries and degraded riparian habitat, there is plenty of opportunity to provide uplift by restoring the natural hydrology. The property is situated in the Lower West Fork Trinity (HUC 12030102) with a projected service area consisting of the entire Trinity River basin surrounding the greater DFW area.

The purpose of mitigation banks is to provide a source for off-site compensatory mitigation of unavoidable adverse impacts to wetlands, streams, and Waters of the United States authorized by the USACE under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. For more information relating to Mustang Creek or conservation projects in Texas, visit our website at Also, do not hesitate to contact Troy Madrigal at 281-795-1469 or