Stream / Wetlands Restoration

Designing natural stream channels that will be stable for generations to come

Engineering303 supports Property Owners and Mitigation Bankers with cutting edge stream and wetland designs that mimic nature.   To accomplish this, E303 uses the Rosgen philosophy of Natural Channel Design (NCD).  The principle tenants of this methodology include observation of stable and healthy streams in the area (known as reference reaches) as a basis for design on impaired streams and reconnecting those impaired streams to their historical floodplains while simultaneously reducing erosion rates.  Using NCD allows us to restore the streams while preserving the adjacent wetlands and enhancing the natural habitat of the wildlife who live there.  E303 has designed over 61 miles of streams and preserved over 1,600 acres of wetlands using the NCD principles. 

E303 also provides on-site validation of compliance with design specifications during construction of our stream and wetland design.  We believe the success of any stream/wetland project is directly tied to the quality of the contractor chosen. We have developed a 40-page booklet of details to assist the contractor during the construction phase.  Our ultimate goal is to restore the stream to its natural beauty and provide stability for years to come.

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